Make your
daily trading intuitive
with Heart Number

Price predictions are difficult,
but the Heart Number is easy.
- Gives personalized predictions and returns to everyone. - Simply enter 12 digits and automatically receive predictions.
- Divide the predicted unit and the selling unit and indicate the arrival order and time required. - A cumulative total of 90 recurring sectional profits of 3% or more on average is displayed.
- There are three ways to choose predictions and automatic orders. - You can set the predictive and automatic order variation to recommended, automatic, and manual.
Analyzing charts is complex,
but the Heart Number is simple.
- Displays real-time charts for all rankings up to 9 types of variances. - Shows charts with a backline that tells you when to sell and buy.
- The trend analysis is supported for investors with a volume chart with fast market reflection. - Replace the support resistance with a guideline that combines the results of previous predictions.
- Provides the ability to track reverse movements at peak or valley prices. - Based in the prediction, we will provide an automatic recurring trading function.
Watching prices is tiresome,
but the Heart Number is effortless.
- We will monitor and notify you of the entire process for 30 days when we start forecasting and auto-ordering. - We applied four levels of diversified investment for investor sentiment control.
- We have implemented a decentralized membership system that does not require any personal information. - All functions are processed and documented without certificates to protect personal data.
- We’ve integrated wallet and account creations into a single process. - You can create multiple account and use multiple number of devices,
   and also get prepared for loss of a device.
- You can create multiple account and use multiple number of devices, and also get prepared for loss of a device.